Bubble Beach Penguin

Here’s another picture to add to our category of soap bubble imagery.  For details about how I photograph the bubbles, see entries in the soap bubble category.

I hadn’t noticed before that there are some great movies of bubbles on Youtube, such as this model of Jupiter’s turbulence, or this movie of a bubble bursting. There are some really astonishing still photos of bursting bubbles in this report from the Mail Online site.  They’re by Richard Heeks, who’s currently studying for a literature PhD at Exeter University in the UK.

I was fascinated to see those, because back in October 2008 I posted an image of a bursting bubble as a visual metaphor for the financial crisis then at its height.  But not having Richard Heeks’s stunning skill and patience as a photographer, I faked up (pretty obviously I hope) a graphic of a bubble burst in Photoshop.  Not remotely like the real thing, as it turns out.