David Kemp

You’re going to have to hurry, but if you can get to the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro, England, before July 3rd, you can see this brilliant sculpture of a dog by British sculptor David Kemp, in his exhibition The Botallack Hoard.  It’s one of the dogs in his piece The Hounds of Geevor, and if you don’t make the show, you can see them anytime in bronze in the centre of the nearby town of Redruth.  Truro and Redruth are in Cornwall, which if you look at a map of England is the pointy bit in the bottom left hand corner.  David lives pretty much as far down the bottom corner as you can go, and I think he’s one of the very best sculptors anywhere working, amongst other interests, on ambiguous images, on which I’ve posted several times before.  He works with every kind of what some people might call junk, but he discovers in it ideas that I find very funny and very beautiful.  If you’d like more information on David Kemp, see his brilliant website.

Here’s another of David’s sculptures, of three musicians, along with more detail of one of them.