A wonky dagger illusion

There’s something amiss with this dagger, for sure. For a start, the blade’s a bit short. More important, you can’t be sure just from the picture where the blade is pointing. That’s because one and the same perspective view can arise from more than one three-dimensional configuration, out there in the world.  This dagger is […]

Lamp falling over!

Only joking, but the right hand picture does seem to show this old lamp near me leaning over more than it does in the left hand picture.  But now check out the two pictures.  They’re identical!  It’s an illusion only recently reported by Frederick Kingdom and colleagues in McGill University (scroll down that link for […]

Competing illusions

  Here’s a rather subtle effect. It’s a competition underway, when the Zollner illusion is seen embedded in a staircase. In the staircase lower left, where two of the long lines are either side of the outside edge of a step (in other words like lines a and b here, on the sides of a […]