Improved artworks No 1


Here’s a historic artwork I reckon I’ve much improved.  On the left you see it as has been for the last five hundred years or so, a Spanish (I think) wood carving, of a martyred saint, now in the Petit Palais museum in Paris. On the right I’ve turned it into an ambiguous image, in which it’s not clear which head belongs to the body, and which has been chopped off and is being held up for inspection – I think you’ll agree a far more poignant image.  It’s an illusion in the style of the Mask/Skull illusion posted earlier.

Here’s a version of my adaptation with an evening sky:

One thought on “Improved artworks No 1”

  1. I’m looking for a type of graphic that”pops out” at the person looking at the picture. If one UNfocuses his/her eyes they eventually see a 3d object amist the other shapes. For instance in a picture of 100 flowers, one BIG 3d flower of same color and pattern pops out from the whole. What’s that called???

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