Illusion animated cartoons

The world of illusion as you’ve never seen it before: Here’s the first of a series of half minute or so optical illusion animated cartoons… also available as a Quicktime Movie. This cartoon features a new version of the well-known rotating heads illusion. And here’s the second …. also available as a Quicktime Movie. This […]

Koala and Woven Person

  Here’s another ambiguous severed head illusion.  Is Koala thoughtfully holding up the severed head of Woven Person for inspection, or is it the other way round?  You can see it both ways.  For examples of this illusion in earlier posts, check out The Screams after Munch, the Monks, and the Mask/Skull illusion.  (On that […]

Improved artworks no.2

On the right, with apologies to Eduard Munch, I’d like to propose an improvement to his famous picture The Scream.  In my version, the screamer really does have something to scream about:  he’s holding up a duplicate of his own head for inspection.  But which head is the one that’s attached to the body, and […]