Improved artworks no.2

On the right, with apologies to Eduard Munch, I’d like to propose an improvement to his famous picture The Scream.  In my version, the screamer really does have something to scream about:  he’s holding up a duplicate of his own head for inspection.  But which head is the one that’s attached to the body, and which is being held up for inspection?  You can make it work both ways, with the upper head looking down on the lower, handheld one;  or, as if the whole figure was leaning over to the right,  with the lower head looking up at the handheld upper head.  It’s another example of the effect in the Mask/Skull illusion, and in Improved artworks no. 1.  I think I invented it, with a hint from Picasso (see the Mask/skull post).  But I’ll be delighted if you prove me wrong by finding an older version. 

No problem about the title for the improved version, it would have to be The Screams.